Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple Necklaces That Always Sell

I have learned that different people have different taste.  The other day I made a necklace that I did not like, but in the past these have sold, so I displayed it with the rest of my jewelry.  Do you want to know which one sold first?  And the one that sold third was one that had been sitting in my display for a while.  You never know when the match to your necklace will come.

These are some simple necklaces that I always keep in my display, why? Cause they always sell.  I am always making these simple sets, and believe me they are the first ones to go.  First, they are simple and some people just like that in a necklace; second, since they are easy to make they are cheaper to sell and third, they are light; not all people can wear a fully strung necklace because the suffer from neck pain. 

So who can resist good price and simplicity?

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