Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Very First Giveaway!

I have been thinking about hosting my own giveaway for some time.  I think the most difficult thing was deciding what to give away.  I wanted something that would make people interested in participating, and of course beads are the answer to that.  But I also wanted something made by me, since I think original handmade beads would be something I would really be interested in winning.

So this is what I am giving away:

A set of Polymer Clay Handmade Beads by Yeli.  The set contains:

1 Heart Focal Bead: Aprox. 25x20mm (Measuring the widest and longest part of the heart). Top drilled.
2 Rondelles: Aprox. 20x10 mm
2 Rounds: Aprox. 14mm
2 6mm rounds

How to participate

To be eligible for the drawing of this gorgeous set of beads you simply have to leave a comment on this post and tell me what you would create with them.  One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all the participating entries on Sunday October 31st at midnight EST.  The winner will be posted in my blog on Monday Nov 1st.  No anonymous participations please, so be sure to leave your name if you have signed up to comment anonymously.  International participants are welcome!

Want additional entries?

It is as simple as blogging about this giveaway with a link to my giveaway post.  Be sure to leave a separate comment with the link to your post to be able to have that extra chance of winning these beads.
You can also have extra shots at these beads by updating your Facebook page, Twittering about my giveaway or being the first to post about it on any beading forum; just make sure you are within the boundaries and rules of the forum.  Please, remember to leave a separate comment for each and every one of your acts of social media kindness with links to the forum posts.

Want two extra additional entries?

Just follow my blog.  Become a follower and you will earn two extra chances of winning these unique beads.  If you are already a follower, you will be entered automatically if you have left a comment on this post.

Good luck and Happy Beading!


  1. Those are adorable, I would make a necklace and earrings with the smallest ones.

  2. I think I could swing an entire set from these beads! Necklace, bracelet and earrings :)

    Now I'm off to figure out how the heck to become a follower!

  3. I shared on FB.

    And I haven't a clue how to become a follower unless that is the same as subscribing- which I think I did. Sorry new to this stuff :)

  4. Of course I'm in! Those beads look like chocolate. Yummie! Thanks for doing this, Yeli!

  5. Sweet! I'll be glad to win those yummy beads! I will make a necklace and earrings for these.

  6. I think maybe some Purse Jewelry... that way more people would see it since I always seem to have my purse with me. Great beads

  7. They're gorgeous! Remind me of the rainbows we get in the kitchen from the crystals hanging in the window

  8. I think that I could swing a full set as well. The focal and 2 largest on a hemp knotted cord, the 2 mid-sized on the bracelet and the smallest as earrings. I have a roll of dark brown hemp cord that would be perfect with that color.

    Billy ;o)

  9. Yeli, your beautiful beads remind me of decorated chocolates. I'm thinking the large heart needs to be a pendant, perhaps hung from a herringbone rope that uses one or more of the pretty colors in the "decorations." My initial inclination is to make an asymmetrical necklace, incorporating one of the large beads. I'm also seeing antiqued brass chain, or perhaps antiqued copper -- whichever blends best with the rich chocolate color. I'd make a pair of coordinating earrings with 2 or 4 of the smaller beads, and a matching bracelet with the other large bead and any small or medium beads that are left after making the earrings. I've always wanted to try making 3D chocolate truffles with peyote or herringbone stitch perhaps your beads are just the inspiration I need to make that happen!

    Yeli, they're beautiful, you did a fabulous job. And thanks for sponsoring the give-away!!!

  10. As I am a new beader, it is sometimes hard for me to look at beads and know what would work well with them or even what materials I would use. I usually have to hold the beads (sometimes when I hold a bead, the feel of it will give me some inspiration)and then put all different types of beads and stringing material around them to take the first step in making something "what material to use"

    Once I have done this, I then have the problem of how to put them together. I only started beading this past March (I've taken a lot of classes) so I am still learning all the different stitches that are available. So, I would look at my classes notes and also look in books and magazines to find that "special" stitch to use to really complement the beads.

    I would hopefully be able to make a complete set out of them. That way, I know there would be no problems with finding the right earrings or bracelet to go with the necklace.

    Finally, what would I do with the finished project? Right now, if I should win these beads, I would give the finished item(s) to my niece. Her grandmother passed away last week and I think something new and beautiful would bring a smile to her face.

    I will be signing up to follow your blog, so I can find ideas and help with different things.

    Thank you for giving away such beautiful beads. I look forward to seeing more of your jewelry.

    Beth Cobb


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