Saturday, October 9, 2010

Different Ways to Finish a Necklace Strung on Beading Wire

Here you will find great tips on how to finish your strung jewelry. 

I know that when I started stringing on jewelry wire, I would use crimp beads and not cover them since they were on the back of the necklace.  After I learned to make a single wire wrapped loop, I changed my way of finishing these necklaces, and it does make a difference.

Imagine you have two exact necklaces, just different ways of attaching the clasp.  Which of these would you choose?  Which one gives you a more professional impression?  Better quality?

In this picture you are saving money, just using a couple of crimps to do the job.  But is it worth it?

Here you are also using two crimps and two beads that match the necklace, two beading tips and wire.  You are not incurring in such a great cost increase, but the look is more professional.

If you do not know how to make a wire wrapped loop, you can always use crimp covers or wire guards.

This picture shows the peach marble bead with a crimp cover next to it and a wire guard to protect the wire.

Wire Guard is not expensive and it will protect your bent stringing wire from tearing. 

Crimp Covers can also be used in the first finish.  Just using one over each bead will make a difference to the quality of your necklace.

Believe me, I've done it all and can tell you that people would rather spend an extra buck or two to buy the more professional finished or presented necklace.   So maybe this is what you need to boost your sales.

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