Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Autumn Jasper

I have been pretty busy doing some fall cleaning and organizing in my house.  God knows we need to make space, recycle things that others can use and declutter.  I had not been able to sit in my studio until yesterday.

What better stone to make a set in autumn?  Well, this set started as a gift for a dear friend.  When I finished it, I loved it but it did not seem to match with her.  I ended up making another set.  Since I like this one so much, I will let her choose.


It is made of Atumn Jasper squares, rounds and donut, Fire polished glass, sterling wire, sterling rounds and sterling chain.

The matching earrings are also made of sterling and Autumn Jasper.

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  1. What terrible trouble she'll have in choosing!
    (but what a good kind of trouble to have, lol)
    Both necklaces are beautiful - you'll have to let us know which one she chooses :-)

  2. She chose the other one. I thought she would. It just looked more like her type of necklace. I'll blog about it tomorrow. I'm quite tired and need to rest. Thanks for reading!


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