Thursday, December 2, 2010

I just Have to Trust and Wait!

Some months ago I was watching a program where this pregnant lady had her baby shower and the fun she had with friends and all the gifts she got for her baby. I was hormonal and moody, but I have to admit that I started crying inconsolably because I was not going to have a baby shower. I have recently moved here and my closest friends are far away; some at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, others still many miles away in my home country.

Two weeks later I got a package from my friends in Spain. They had put together a nice selection of clothes, towels and put them in a very nice box. It made me cry because I felt so fortunate to have had this sort of transoceanic baby shower.

Two weeks ago a friend told me she had many baby girls’ clothes and that she would look through her attic and give them to me. Little did I know that she was going to show up today with 5 bags (the garbage ones) full of clothes from 0 months up to a year. And her baby being a fall baby, I will be able to use over 80% of it. So many of the clothes still have the plastic where the tag used to be, unworn waiting for my baby to fill them for the first time. They all look brand new to me, you could never tell they have been worn already.

This is only from 0-3 months. About 40 onsies and a whole bunch of other great things

So, I've had not one but two baby showers. And today's gift was so special. She was so happy that I would use them and enjoy them, and I am so grateful she chose me as the recipient of such kind and generous gesture. I feel so lucky and blessed.

I have also received some great baby bottles (brand new) and just the ones I was looking to buy - as if she had read my mind; and a bouncer from another friend.  She also told me to take inventory and tell her if I needed any clothes so she could find what I was missing from her granddaughter's stash.  No need for that anymore.  I have more than what I think my baby will be able to wear for the first 6 months.  I am so fortunate.

I am glad that the day I cried, I just told myself that I was lucky to have what I needed. That I was lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom and enjoy my baby 100%, and that I just had to let go of the ideas of what I was going to miss and focus on what lied ahead. Of course, there is still a void to be filled. I will not be sharing my baby with my lifelong friends and my family, but their love is reaching us and they will eventually come and visit.

So this is what I have been reminded of today:  Never bring the future to spoil your present.  Live the day, the future will never be here. It will always be today.  Never think back and have the past ruin today.  The past has been already lived, just learn from it and let go.

My tears that day were not justified. If only I had waited and trusted that I would always have it all!

Thanks for bearing with me to the end of this wordy post.


  1. Oh Yelisa! You are tugging at my heart strings! It is amazing how the Universe shows up on your doorstep when you are brave enough to open yourself to it. I am thinking of you!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. What an incredible thought - and I so need to remember it myself - thank you!


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