Friday, December 3, 2010

Challenge of Color Blog Hop

A few weeks ago Erin Prais-Hintz from Treasures Found Challenged us with color.  I am so glad I signed up for this challenge.  I want to first welcome you to my blog. I hope you have enjoyed this challenge as much as I have.  I have even been dreaming about it.  I dreamt the beads I wanted to make but could not sit long enough to make, I dreamt of the beads that I had already made and could also use for this challenge and I also dreamt about the design.

First, I want you to take a look at my gorgeous color palette.

I was determined to make an art bead using all the colors.  I dreamt of polymer clay beads embellished with degrading bull’s-eye canes.  I dreamt of using vanilla colored clay for the color degradation technique.  Instead I used handmade polymer clay beads that used a floral pattern cane.  The bead is made of the blue and vanilla colors you see in the palette as well as a chocolate brown.

I used fire polished glass beads weaved and connected with copper wire.  I had the darker blue and the mauve color in these types of beads.  I am telling you, all this came to me in a dream without looking through my stash.  My mind knew what I had and it was very easy to make.  Sometimes the hardest thing is the idea of what to do and how to combine materials and colors.  I had the colors... the dream gave me the rest.

I took this other photo and fixed the colors so you could appreciate the mauve and blue colors of the fire polished beads.  Days here have been gloomy to say the least, and I have not been able to enjoy good light for a picture.  The rain makes it harder to go out and take pics too.

My design is called "I dreamt a simple sky" since the focal piece is made of sky blue (as in my color palette) and the design reflects simplicity all throughout.

We were challenged on many levels and I think I met them all:

• Create something and share it: You are looking at my creation!

• Use all the colors in your palette. My fire polished glass beads are Mauve and Skandi blue, my art beads use the Canvas Sky and the Phyllo (vanilla) color.

• Name your piece from the palette. - or some use of the color names: "I dreamt a simple sky"

• Participate in the blog hop and/or upload to the Flickr site for December 3rd: See the blog hop list at the end of this post

• Use of an ART BEAD (art bead is defined as a bead or component created by yourself or another artisan), be sure to point that out in your description. But it is NOT a requirement: Mine was made by me.

• Encourage others to play along : I blogged about it as soon as I entered the challenge

A thank you note to Erin. I have been having fun since the day I read her post ( and signed up. I loved her creativity by making the palette into a postcard. I love the palette you sent me and the love and dedication you have put into this challenge. Thanks!!!

Dreaming of Helping a Friend:  I am auctioning this piece to help my Beading friend Billy with his pain management treatment.  I will leave the starting bid open, please bid with your hearts and knowing it's for a good cause.  To bid, just email by CLICKING HERE.  I will open a separate post to inform of the bidding.

If you are all for helping a good cause, please stop by Dragon Fly Jewelry Designs and read their bio. You can help a dear beader and friend with his pain management treatment by shopping either jewelry or beads from their Art Fire Store. CLICK HERE to go there.

BLOG HOP LIST (All the wonderful people that have participated in this challenge)
Amy Freeland

Beth McCord

Brandi Hussey

Cary Scholes

Catherine Pruitt

Cindy Wimmer

Claire Maunsell

Courtney Breul

Cristi Clothier

Cynthia Riggs

Emanda Johnson

Erin Prais-Hintz (Challenge Hostess)

Holly Westfall

Janea McDonald

Jeannie Dukic

Jennifer Cameron

Karyn White

Keirsten Giles

Kelly Morgan

Kristie Roeder

Kristin Stevens

Lisa Godfrey

Lisa Tracy

Lori Anderson

Mallory Hoffman

Marie Voyer-Cramp

Mary McGraw

Nicole Keller

Nicole Valentine

Paige Maxim

Patty Gasparino

Rebecca Anderson

Renate Stark-Krammer

Sandy Richardson

Shannon Chomanczuk

Sheila Summers

Stefanie Teufel

Yelisa Rojas (You are Here!!!)


  1. Yelisa, Great Job with the polymer clay beads. That's so funny your dreamt about the challenge, so did I.
    You definately earn all your points.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    I am now following your blog.
    I have never worked with polymer clay, your beads are beautiful. What a great color palette you got!
    Shannon C

  3. Your beads are beautiful as is the necklace they are part of!

  4. I love how ideas come to us in our dreams; our mind working our design problems without us knowing about. Great job!

  5. Love your colors! And I love you polymer beads. You do such an amazing job with that clay!!! Talented woman. :) The necklace is so elegant.

  6. Hi Yelisa,

    Love what you did with your color challenge! Great job. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting -- you are now entered in my random giveaway.


  7. What a sweet idea! The focal beads are beautiful - Thanks for the vote on my focal as an art bead! LOL it was all I had : ) Happy Blog Hopping!

  8. Wow, you took the challenge a step further and created your OWN art beads! They are beautiful and go perfectly with the name you have given your piece. I hear ya about the was hard for me to take a good picture with the rainy days we were having here in VA as well. Finally got mine taken on the last possible day!

  9. Wonderful focal beads, great necklace!

  10. I am so glad that you had fun Yelisa! It is so great that you MADE the beads. I am impressed! I am also delighted that you are auctioning off the piece. I hope that it does some good for your friend. Stay tuned for future hops!
    Thank you for sharing your color with the world.
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. I dream in beads all the time...when I have a 'vision' of the piece I just know that it will be stunning! Just like this one!

  11. I love your clay pieces! Way to go!

  12. I'm so impressed with all the people who made their own beads for this challenge! Beautiful!

  13. Your art beads are fabulous! I think they absolutely bring in the color palette, and in such a nice way!

  14. Soimpressedyou have made your own beads - they are really something!

  15. Yeli, what a beautiful necklace! Have to say, your palette would have totally stumped me, but you implemented it so well. And your poly beads are so pretty!

  16. I LOVE your color palette and you definitely did it justice!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. That is really something else! I like it!

  18. Love your necklace, and great beads!!!

  19. Very pretty polymer clay! The marbling is gorgeous!

  20. Lovely beads you made! Such a vibrant color palette, it would have been a tricky one for me :)

  21. how generous of you to auction it off. the poly clay beads are wonderful. Love the necklace too.

  22. I should have started at the bottom of the list! I really love what you did with the clay. Your challenge piece is wonderfulThis my first time to partisapate in a blog-hop I am thrilled
    Be Blessed

  23. I love your focal bead - it's perfect! Well done - the colour match is spot on. Well done!



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