Monday, November 1, 2010

My Luck!

Almost every day I follow the same routine.  I turn on my computer while I brush my teeth, shower and make breakfast for me and my husband (My computer is that slow :))) After breakfast I read my emails unless I have to go out.

On Saturday October 30th I had a lovely email by Faith telling me I had won her website giveaway. YAYYYY!!!  I have never been a person to win giveaways, lottery or raffles, so after winning one of Andrew's giveaway and one of Kokopelli's giveaway I thought my quota was full for the year (hoping it would not be so).

To see the wonderful beads Faye is sending me CLICK HERE.

This morning, after I followed my routine, I also had a nice email from Lorelei where she told me that I had won one of the books she was giving away!  Double YAYYYY!!!! Two in a row, and 4 this year.  I started thinking that I had been winning many things lately, and being grateful for that.  I think my pregnancy has borught me luck!  The best of lucks being that I am going to be a mom.

To see Lorelei's giveaway post CLICK HERE

Other gifts I received today:

  • This quote:  "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." ~ Anonymous  and being told I was someone's something good!  Erin is such a nice person, I was enlisting in her color challenge and got so many nice words in return. I will blog about her challenge tomorrow, but if you want to find out more ASAP CLICK HERE

  • I also received a very nice email from Gaea.  She is not only talented, but a very nice and spiritual person.  Someone I am sure anyone would want to have as a friend.

  • I was also able to send Andrew some of the money raised in the auctions.  I will send the rest after shipping the beads.  Thank you Katie and Kathee who made this possible.

  • I also received the gift of being reminded that only I can give another person the power to upset me and to detract me from who I am. What wise words that have given me another way of seeing something bad that happened to me today.
So today I focus on the good things, that have been many not only one.   

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  1. Congratulations! It all sounds very positive and wonderful.


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