Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Reviews - Blogs to Visit: Polymer Clay I

I got caught up in the Michael's Challenge and ended up leaving this post for later, later became later, and the day passed by without me even noticing it.  I fell asleep soundly asleep as if I had accomplished all my goals yesterday.  Now, I cannot sleep anymore, a perfect time to finish this review and post it.  Here it goes:

If you want to see beautiful creations, free tutorials and tips, visit Tina Holden's Blog:  She's a Polymer Clay Artist from Canada, and her creations are stunning!

She features her creations, tutorials (some are free), tips and great posts in her blog.  My favorite Tip/Tutorial is the one for a Handle Accesorie for the Makin's Extruder.  It sure saves my hands from a lot of painful extruding.  She explains how to make this handle that makes extruding more easy and pain free.  If you have a Makin's you want to have this handle too.

My favorite technique tutorial is Imitative Ceramic Tutorial.  This tutorial shows you how to make a polymer clay pendant or bead with a Faux Ceramic Look.  It's simple to follow and well explained.
I was talking about displays for earrings a few days ago in a previous post.  Gues what? She has some cool ideas of Mini Displays for Earrings and Rings that I had not seen before.

She also showcases a lot of her wonderful beads in her blog.  I am sure do not want to miss them.

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