Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wearing My Michael's Challenge Necklace

Today I started going back to the pool.  It feels so good to exercise and be in the water again.  I am out of shape though.  I used to swim 30min nonstop, and after a few laps I had to stop and stretch and do some aerobics while I catched my breath.  I so easily lose my training and it takes hard work to gain back my resistance.

When I got there, my pool card was missing.  They were issuing a new one, and there was a problem with the photo.  The good news is that I liked how I looked today, and that the picture was going include my Necklace.

I was so happy with the way my Michael's challenge necklace looked the other day, that I decided to wear it today.

I was not in love with it when I made it, but I certainly am now!  I just love how it looks over the brown top in combination with my white jacket.

I also made a pair of matching earrings using the white chain (yes, the same one that did not inspire me) and some of the green beads and pearls from the kit.

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