Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today Is a Busy Day - Cooking once and eating 6 days.

I have not blogged in a few days. I have been busy running errands. I have still not yet caught up with all the extra things I had to do back and forth with the 1 month move. I am almost done with errands, yet others have been piling up.

I have decided that today is going to be jewelry and cooking day.

The Cooking Part:

This first picture is of my messy kitchen. I cannot clean it up until after I finish baking my rice cake. I like to cook and cleanup immediately, that way I do not even notice that I have cooked nor have to clean too much as I do when I let laziness overpower me and cleanup later on.

So far I have already made some black beans which are still in the express cooker as you can see.

A savory rice cake is in the oven as I write. Have you ever had leftover rice? You can use it right away for a savory rice cake, or freeze it and use it in a couple of weeks which is what I did. I had made some sort of vegetable paella that I just made into this rice. Do not forget to put as many things as you like in the blender (salt, chives, powder onion, or onion soup garlic, etc....) one or two eggs and some flour if it is too watery.

I like to bake it in the lower part of the oven the 1st 20 minutes and then on top so that the cheese can grate. You know it's ready if you stick a knife into it and it comes out dry.

It has taken me so long to put this first part of my posting today ready that the rice cake has been already in the oven for 40min at 37 F and just needs to be broiled 2 more minutes to get the cheese melted and brownish.

Now look at the broiled Rice Cake, doesn't it look yummy?

I also have some pineapple and teriyaki chicken simmering in the fridge. This chicken's future is to be baked later this evening.

Hopefully I am cooking for at least three days this week and freezing 3 more days.

Today's lunch will be a salad and a bowl of black bean soup with cheese and a little bit of butter milk (this is the way we eat them in my home town).

Tomorrow's lunch will be the teriyaki chicken that I plan on putting in the oven this evening, salad and rice cake.

I am still not used to having bigger dinners than lunches, so you could make this for dinner instead.

I'll blog separately for the planned jewelry part of my day.

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  1. I would love the recipe for the black bean soup- I love soup!


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