Thursday, March 18, 2010

HOW TO make a necklace in less than 20 minutes

This necklace is simple, yet elegant and easy to make.


- 3 Acrylic Beads (they have aluminum inside) you can choose any size and color.  Try to combine shapes.
- 4 Metal Beads.  I chose them all of the same color.  Try different shapes and sizes.
- 2mm Leather Cord - choose the length you would like your necklace or choker to be.
- 2 Leather ends or crimps
- 1 Lobster Claw clasp
- 2 Jumprings
- Glue

Tip:  Make sure your leather cord fits into the beads... they should have at least a 2mm hole.


1. Arrange the beads as you want them on the cord and insert them.

2. Use a little bit of glue at the tip of the leather cord and crimp the leather end.  The glue helps it stay in place and not fall off.  Do this for both sides.

3. Open one of the jumprings, insert the leather crimp and the clasp.

4. Open the other jumring and insert the leather crimp.

Congratulations! You have a new necklace.

Copyright:  Feel free to be inspired by my work and try this step by step tutorial and, please remember to acknowledge where the inspiration came from. Thank You!

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