Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Organization and Dragonfly Jewelry Designs

I have a big To Do list. The worst part is that no matter how many things I cross from the list, it keeps on getting bigger.
There was one thing that I had to do today and was finished this morning. Since it involved lots of emails I ended up organizing my emails. I had over 2,800 emails in my inbox. There are half that much now. I still have to do a level II cleanup and make new folders, but at least I took care of half of the things that had not been filed, followed up or deleted. I was able to reply to a bunch of emails that were flagged and the best feeling of all, deleting a bunch of them. My virtual to do list has gotten considerably smaller.

Next on my list is making some jewelry to donate to Dragonfly Jewelry Designs to help cover the expenses of a much needed treatment for a dear friend of the Beading Daily forums. Billy is suffering from major pain and acupuncture is the only thing that brings relief. A group of wonderful and talented jewelry artists has gotten together and donated jewelry, beads, and tutorials to their Artfire store.
The variety in the store makes it a wonderful target for your Christmas Shopping. I am sure you will find so many styles that you might be able to shop for all your family and friends. And while you do that, you are donating to a great cause that is to help alleviate real and hard pain for a dear friend and person. To find out more about this project visit their Artfire Store and read the Bio.


  1. Yes, I have a huge to do list theses days, too. Mostly jewelry and other commissions and exactly that was the time when my muse was gone! But inspiration slowly returns.

  2. That has happened to me. I think presurre kicks the muse away (at least for me).


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