Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Additions to My Stash

These are some of the beads I got yesterday from a Group Order that we made at the Beading Daily Forums.
I have to say that I am really thankful to Lina.  She did an awesome job sorting all these out.  Imagine over 200 items to sort and ship.

These glass beads are bigger beads than what I thought they would be.  I have the bad habit of not checking the sizes.  I have got a few surprises because of this, but still end up using them and playing around with them.

I wanted some blue and brown tones.  I love to add some glass into any project.  It just gives it a sparkle and twinkle that I really enjoy.

These are also glass beads.  The ones on the right are crackle glass.  

These are also bigger than what I expected.  But I still love this Italian Onyx.  Isn’t it just inspiring?
 I just can't wait to start playing with some of these and all the copper beads, findings and wire I also got from the order.  Sadly I will have to wait until after the weekend.  I am leaving on Friday for Albany and have many things to do.  But I will be back on Sunday and hopefully start beading again early next week.

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