Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More from Challenge Swap 5 - My Focal: Wood Marble

I was looking at a book at Barnes&Noble because I wanted to buy one. None of them were worth buying, but they all had one good idea that took me back to my stash and illuminated my creation. I do not like to copy models, but I do like some ideas of a piece of jewelry that take me to my own creation. That is what I call inspiration.

I am still planning on buying a book, because I also like to buy books compulsively, not only beads. But it will be when I get back home. I found a scarce display of jewelry books at this B&N. Nothing that I would kill for.

So, this is necklace is made with materials from the challenge swap and my stash. It has nothing to do with the necklace I saw in the book, aside that the one in the book had a square wood focal and mine has a Wood Marble oval donut style focal.

It is made of beads from my stash: fire polished glass beads, wood marble focal, dyed agate, orange glass bead, metal chain, copper wire and handmade copper clasp.  From the Challenge: dyed agate and blue stone (Dagi thinks it's Turquoise). I Edit: Kokopelli has posted it is dyed howlite

Matching Earrings are made with Dyed Agate from my stash and challenge kit, metal ear hooks from the Kit, glass beads and metal chain from my stash. Ohhh... and copper wire from my stash.

I also edit: You do see that the left one is missing a link, right? Thanks to the picture I corrected this mistake. The link had disappeared from the tray, and I just finished them without even noticing what I was doing. This is the problem of working with poor light. I am glad to be back home soon with all my lamps and my confortable chair.


  1. What a great color combo! I like the use of your wood focal, too. Hasn't this been a fun challenge?

  2. Thanks. It has been a fun and inspiring challenge.


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