Friday, March 5, 2010

Yeli's Chip Wrap (How To)

This is a technique I have been doing for over 12 years.  I really like it.  It went out of fashion some years ago and then right back in.  I have never stopped using it because I think is classical.  And classical is always "in fashion".

How to make it?

1. You will need chips, seed beads and 22 gauge wire.
2. Make a wrap around the leather or cord
3. Insert alternating seed bead and chip.  Start with a seed bead.  I sometimes start with various seed beads for my first wrap.
4. Wrap around.  You have to be sure that the wrap is tight (as close as possible to the other wrap).  If your wrap is too loose, it will open.
5. End with some wire wrapped around the cord.  Be sure to tuck it in as much as it is possible so that the last wrap can cover it.

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