Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hunting for Jewelry Display Bargains

I am donating some of my jewelry to a fundraiser so I have to put together a small display.  I have never participated in art fairs, thus I have to start from scratch.

I went hunting for bargains... I thought the most difficult display to find would be one for earrings.  I hope I was wrong.  I bought some sink savers in black.  They looked nice and perfect for my earrings.  I might have to find an Easel for them, but I am confident that I will have a wall to lean them.  They cost only $1.49.

I think I can join them together so that they look like an open book.  That way one will support the other and I would not need to buy anything else to keep them in place.

I also bought some necklace displays like the one I posted a few days ago; a bracelet display and some small dishes and bowls to put bag charms and key chains in them.

I spent a less than $20, and if I follow some DIY instructions I might have a bigger display for a few dollars more.

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