Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jewelry Party

I have been reading a lot about jewelry parties.  They are a great idea for selling jewelry and earning nice jewelry prices for sales.  I have come to gather great tips for jewelry parties throughout the years.  Here is what I usually do:

Arranging the party
  1. I give a percentage of the sales to the hostess that she can claim in jewelry. I try to upgrade her prize if the item she wants costs more than what she accumulated.
  2. I give the hostess the opportunity to decide which of the three party styles she wants: regular party, design your jewelry party or make your jewelry party.  I also plan online parties, but they have totally different logistics.
  3. I Plan my party carefully.  I try not to make them too long. People get tired easily.
  4. I Review my plans with the hostess.  Remember she knows her guests and they can usually give me great ideas.

  5. I make sure the hostess knows that I need to arrive 1 hour in advance in order to lay out the exhibition and take care of the layout.
  6. I include a business card that is also a thank you note in each purchase bag. I make sure I have nice packages for my jewelry. Keep in mind that some people might want to buy a piece for a gift. I always have gift packages with me.

Before the party
  1. I give the hostess a template for her to write the names, address, email and phone number of her guests.
  2. I usually like to send invitations by mail, but I also have a nice email template. Sometimes we do not know all the addresses for the people we want to invite.
  3. I always take discounted jewelry to the party. I make special things to sell at special prices.
  4. I make a list of all my jewelry, so it can be easy to know who bought what.  They sometimes call me to ask for earrings, a necklace or a bracelet that matches what they bought. 
  5. I also take photos of all my jewelry.

At the party
  1. I have a sign in book for those who wish to receive special offers.
  2. I hand out coupons to everyone that comes to the jewelry party. They can use them immediately if they wish. 
  3. I introduce people to my work.  I let them now about my jewelry, publications and business.
  4. I make sure they know that my work is unique, and that my pieces are original.
  5. I let everyone know that they too can host a party.
  6. I start with a game. Be creative and have fun games with jewelry items as prizes. I try to make 3 of them throughout the party. They are very popular.
  7. I also give a prize to the person that makes the biggest purchase.
  8. I give some earrings as a prize for booking a jewelry party that same day plus all the same benefits for being a hostess when the time comes.
  9. I help people decide what to buy.  I honestly tell them when something does not really suit them.  All my customers know that they can trust me in helping them decide.
  10. I set aside some time to tell them how to properly store jewelry
  11. I also give them tips on how they can wear my jewelry, and how they can play with it and their wardrobes.
  12. At the end of the party, I give my hostess an appreciation gift.  I thank her and everyone that came to the party.
  13. I encourage them to make orders in the following week, and that too is added to my hostess sales.
After the party
  1. I give my hostess a surprise bonus for big sales, new party bookings and special orders that might be a result of her party.
  2. I help her tidy up.
  3. I send out a follow up email, for all that signed in to receive my offers and promotions.
  4. I call the future hostesses a week after the party to start arrangin our parties.
  5. The most important thing is to restock.  I need to have the time to make new things in between parties.
Wrapping it up

I give my hostess free jewelry
I make sure everyone knows that they can host a jewelry party
They can have a home jewelry party or an online jewelry party
I give out jewelry coupons as well as jewelry certificates
I give out jewelry party incentives as prizes in games at the party
I have email and written jewelry party invitations
I make sure I plan my jewelry party carefully
And I have fun!

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